I bought this for my father.


I've got a little more work.


In the German Alps it is believed that the cattle have the gift of language on Christmas Eve. But it is a sin to attempt to play the eavesdropper upon them.

My child cannot say "Kinpira style sauteed great burdock", he always says "Kinpira style sauteed Dockbur" instead.

Peter knocked on the door, but nobody answered.

I learned English words by heart all day yesterday.

I should call the police and have you arrested.

I have to drive this car.

I cannot crawl like this. My knees hurt.

Suzanne was afraid he had hurt Swamy's feelings.

I should've left him a note.


The little boy has a dream.


This is a really lonely stretch of shoreline.

You must not look down on old people.

Why does the dog smell bad?

That's as good an explanation as any.

Curtis always comes home for dinner.


I have to tell her that the phone rang while she was gone.

I have to lock this door.

She declined my invitation.

"What's wrong with you?" "Leave me alone for a while. It's none of your business."

I personally don't think so.


The elevator doors closed.


I forgot to tell Robert where the meeting is going to be.

The air pollution is worse in Tokyo than in New York.

Things aren't going well.

Seth fired his secretary.

Animals and plants live on this planet.

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It's a big responsibility.


I want to learn to sing like you.

He tends to talk too much.

Please tell me when to leave.

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I thought we did well.


Customer service is one of our foremost priorities.

Battle of Manzikert changed the course of the history of Anatolia.

This is the first time I've ever put away my computer into this cupboard.


We'll change it.

I'm sure there's no need to be scared.

After the bone has set, the cast will be removed.

The men achieved their objectives.

The TV was so noisy that I couldn't concentrate on my reading.

We need to speak to them.

She's lazy.


This will give him something to cry about.


Many Americans still had money they had saved during the war.

Leora can die happy now.

We may not have a choice.


Maybe you gave up too fast.

When the phone rang in the middle of the night, she immediately knew something was wrong.

Len did his best to comfort Sal.

What do they know?

Is the electricity included in the rent?

Something must be done.

They called the dog Cookie.


We've had beautiful weather all week.

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Earl is done for.

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Tell me what you've got.


What are you going to use it for?


It's quite pleasant.

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A higher power might exist.


Alex disappeared from view.


You didn't arrest me because you don't have evidence.


How can I help you?


Do you feel tired?


I still can't believe you're married.

You should get up early.

Passion grew in their hearts.

They quietly asked to be served.

She has such beautiful eyes.


It's my job, you know.

He was rejected because his health was poor.

He gave a minute description of the dinner party.

Thanks for your information, it is much appreciated!

The food is good, and service is good here.

I'm Raymond's administrative assistant.

Who will the new teacher be?


You're even dumber than I am.

There was a bus schedule on the wall.

In other words, the field of the magnet is near the pigeon's head.

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They drink coffee at home.

Another fierce battle was ready to begin.

I need to stay here with him.

We should collaborate on the project.

Well, I was taking a walk, thinking. I just needed to let it all out, and to recharge my batteries.


It works for most people.

I'm not going to do that!

Ric had a hard time finding a taxi.


He is certainly not without courage.

Connie was pretty excited.

Do you know who they arrested?


The teacher is looked up to by the pupils.

Later, they were murdered stealthily.

Never cast dirt into that fountain of which you have sometime drunk.

I hear that you play the piano.

His name was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't remember it.

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This woman had the task of cleaning the cabin, and not of taking care in the evenings of the mental health of the passengers.

He's a good guy now, so he'll make a good husband in the future.

I don't make their children cry.


It was surprising that she said that.

We'll regret this.

Shit stinks.

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Beverly knocked on the front door.

I'm looking for a friend of mine.

Don't put out your hand.

Markku spends a lot of time watching television.

Be careful! There's a cow in the road!

Why should anyone pay?

This park is a paradise for children.

As it began to rain, I had just left the house.

Don't just sleep all day like some lion from the zoo. How about you go and clean up your room?


The symbol "X" usually stands for an unknown quantity in mathematics.

Sherman only has five health points left.

If you see a suspicious person, please inform the police.


Should I buy it?


It makes no difference to me whether she lives in the city or in the country.

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It's a crime.

Play it again, Sam.

Hey Pandark, how did you became so famous that Pharamp started writing sentences about you?

I haven't seen him in a long time.

It's just not what we do.

I'd like meat loaf.

I think Blake is objective.

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I have no one to confide in.

It wouldn't have mattered anyway.

She's a very nice girl.


Please check on when he will return.

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How do you suggest we deal with this?

I need a nap.

She is probably over forty.

I found a buyer for your house.

Have you ever sung for an audience?

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I'm not going to deny it.

You can't help her.

I have been expecting you.

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You must study English every day.

My parents don't like my boyfriend.

The yeti chased up back to our car and we drove away as fast as we could.

I have no idea where he is now.

Please get into the bath.


Can I bring my friend with me?

Why didn't you go get it?

Deborah looks unsatisfied.

I'm not scared to die.

Surprisingly, he was good at singing.


I'll stay a few more days.

The case is closed.

Bill was canned from his job last week.

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Tell Krzysztof we're waiting for him.


I rented a videotape this morning.

That student is Stefan.

I bought this book for less.