There's something I've been meaning to talk to you about.

Did you buy this book?

I'll put it back where it belongs.


I can't find my passport.

Shakespeare, whose plays are world-famous, lived some four hundred years ago.

And what do you do?

Rhonda is a really nice girl.

It was rather uncomfortable.


I'm going to help you now.

If you run out of cash, you can fall back on your savings in the bank.

It takes so long for my baby to fall asleep.

Mysore asked the stranger who he was.

The contract should undergo revision every ten years.

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After the end of the first world war, when battle painting was no longer in demand, Moore turned to nature.

Would you like to see something?

Every student in the class knows the fact.


Family should always come first.

Why don't you quit Facebook?

I have no idea how Rodney did that.


This sounds reasonable.


Ten years have passed since he went to America.

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He flicked me in the face.

I am as tall as he.

Do you give to charity?

The dew fell this morning.

I heard you talking to them.

You won everything!

How long have you been dating?

There's no other solution.

Chris refused to let us come in.


You did your part.


I have something to tell him quickly.

Bull fighting is a very interesting spectacle.

He was a little old man with thick glasses.

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Merril was in no particular hurry.


Television shows violence, which influences, above all, younger people.

I forgot that the daily rate included breakfast.

That really wasn't supposed to happen.

After the war, he managed to escape to South America.

I didn't know where else to go.

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John still has many problems.


As was expected, Fritz won the race.

Lord: forgive me, help me, allow me to do useful things for the world.

To say that she had two left legs, and somebody else's arms, and that all four limbs seemed to be out of joint, and to start from perfectly wrong places when they were set in motion, is to offer the mildest outline of the reality.

I'm not in love with them.

I am at a loss what to do.

I took the elevator to the fourth floor.

The rear gate was open.

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She tried to lessen her expenses.

How long did it take?

Last year in the Philippines, earthquakes and tidal waves resulted in the deaths of more than 6000 people.


Now that you are a big boy, you may do as you please.

How much does this watch cost?

The investigation is complete.

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I'm supposed to go to New York next week.


It's within about two weeks.

Don't ask who she is.

I'm really sorry I doubted you.

Little did I think that I would ever see her again.

Her older daughter is married.

Division by zero is a big no-no in mathematics.

This conversation is an extremely complex phenomenon.

Ralf refused to lend me any money.

The train hasn't come yet.


Roberto thinks he's a genius, but I don't agree with him.


Warren never was shy.


Brian knows there isn't much he can do about it.


Isn't there anyone you know?

Love is more powerful than death.

What can I tell Gretchen?


She waited on her husband all day long.


Vassili led a good and happy life with his dear wife, and his kind mother-in-law lived with them. He helped the poor and fed and clothed the hungry and naked and all Mark's riches became his.


She has never visited him.

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What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?


That almost happened to me, too.

You mean you couldn't do it.

She was lying face down on the bed.

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Shaw isn't the man he used to be.

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He'll have to do without a gun.

Can I get a vodka tonic?

It looks like Yokkun's dad ran off with his nursery school teacher.

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They agreed to give us an interview.

Buying a new TV won't make you happy.

Elephants trumpet when they are scared and when they are angry.

What did Allen expect Vishal to do?

Colin lives right down the street.

The ecologist warned us that petroleum was not merely a blessing but also a curse.

Stop being so emotional.


What could be happening?

Why don't you come shopping with me?

All the members of the club were present at the meeting.

He promised me to pay back the money.

My name is not really Daniele.


Are you going to help me with this or not?

If you've got any better suggestions I'd love to hear them.

The man fell in love at first sight.


I share an apartment with Lila.

Byron pays Kemal well.

The cat curled up in front of the fire.


I was just told that Trying was involved in a traffic accident.

What's in this drawer?

You look stunning.


Are you going to eat all of that yourself?

If Sue is coming by air, she ought to arrive very soon.

The train will remain at this station for approximately 2 minutes.

She was his married mistress.

I don't know how to thank you enough.


I don't know much about today's revolutions.


We didn't wait for them.


We need to operate immediately.


We deserve better than that.

There was a violent storm at sea.

I worry about him.

What are the biggest challenges?

Her look hit me right in the heart.

That's where my family is from.

You can't stay for long.

What are you doing dressed so well? Do you have a date or something?

I don't go out much anymore.

Neil lives right down the street.

I don't expect Rudy to do that.


Sixty new museums opened.


My house is close to the sea.

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The Solar System has four terrestrial or telluric planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars.

She must find work.

By the way, what do you do?

We have to pay our rent by the end of the month.

What were you telling her?

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We should tell him the truth.

Just tell me what you know about the problem.

These plywood beams are of different thicknesses.

Its presence is important for me.

He likes sleeping.

Well, but what about the money?

What does Jeannette need?

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I would like to repay your kindness in the near future.

Am I hired?

I'm old enough to make my own decisions.


Seeing that it is raining, you had better stay home.

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"Liberty, equality, fraternity" is a French motto.

Jean-Pierre is giving up.

I have to tell someone.

We must trust our guide.

An estimated 20% of the water used by homeowners in cities is used for their grass.


I'll bet 10,000 yen on his winning.


On the way home I'll stop by the post office.

He was impressed.

I don't want to talk about it right now.


Our Father who art above, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come.

Put your hands in the air.

We should do it, because it's right.