I'm going to get some sleep.

Barrio seems to be crying.


You can't judge a person based on clothing.

Paula is aware of all this.

Perhaps it's time you told Page about your accident.

Would you consider giving me a small loan?

A child has a higher temperature than an adult does.

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I think I impressed you.


You don't seem to have read the contract very carefully.

The shy boy was utterly embarrassed in her presence.

They try to do right and not look at what others are doing.

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Something tells me you're wrong.

When Chokichi thought listlessly about this winter, and the similar winter before and the one before that, he vividly experienced the fact that as people grow older, they gradually lose their happiness.

I've got a tap that leaks.


I'm counting on you to help me out.

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The Royal Shakespeare Company is presenting The Merchant of Venice next week.


Thank you, I'm just looking.


Alvin will be killed.

None of the children are sitting.

Bonnie tried not to yawn.

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I'm seeing him this afternoon.


Randolph took a sip from his coffee mug.


Everyone in the room turned to look at Christie.


My father graduated from Harvard University.

If your tooth hurts, you should see a dentist.

Her kingdom is your hell.


In the course of time, he changed his mind.


This book is thick and the other is thin.

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He has no friends to fall back on.

I've got a daughter Romain's age.

I don't love Anne enough to marry her.

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Carol has a bad disposition.

Put yourself in my position.

I just want to help people.


Is it possible?

His bark is worse than his bite.

A lot of members assisted at the general meeting.


A slip of tongue will often lead us to unexpected results.


Russell and Terrance are taking a break from work.

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I asked you not to go there.


Switzerland hardened its immigration policy.

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Axel will accept the guests.

You are the most meritorious woman of all.

They were both so cute!

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We've still got a lot of work to do.


Rich borrowed Ninja's car over the weekend.

I often brake before I change down.

The old man escaped from the nursing home.

Martha is a firefighter.

I don't believe this is happening.

There is learning in suffering.

The Amazonian forest is the largest tropical forest on Earth.


I'm just happy to see you.


We must surrender them all.

Everyone must keep the law.

Ti blames Ron for his mistakes.

How do you define life?

I need a new pair of shoes.

I often went to the movies with dad.

These pictures were taken by Melinda.

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Jean discussed his plans with Olof.

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She is famous as a soprano.


I'm really happy I came here with you.

I couldn't help laughing at the sight.

"What do you want me to tell Cindy?" "The truth." "That's a bad idea."

Would you teach me how to do that?

We were just talking about him.


Tell him I'm coming over.

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We could share clothes.

When did the Japanese start eating polished rice?

I think you've had enough.

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I took these statistics from a government white paper on education.

She's not all that gorgeous.

What are you celebrating?

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That's what Jussi promised.

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What would you do if this was your last day?


We enjoyed watching the fireworks on a bridge last summer.

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Make a handsome profit of one thousand dollars.


You're a baby.

I just spoke to Lukas.

I made my son a doctor.


Aren't you please going to sit down?

It's natural for you to think so.

This is the best amp being sold now.


Let me introduce you to Mr. Brown.

She gets 5% of my gains.

Angus told me his father was born in Boston.

I want to forget about it.

Happy birthday, my beloved friend.

Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.

Did you intend to kill him?


I think it's time for you to grow up.

When will you be busy tomorrow?

It is strange that he should not have attended the meeting.

The speedometer was indicating 95 mph.

Jeffery likes to have a large dollop of cream with his cheesecake.

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He'll go, too, won't he?


This is not the case with everything.

He went to Italy by land.

The chicken has already been eaten.

Stay in touch.

She dressed like an actress.


Ramesh is having trouble sleeping.

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All I need is some stimulation, you see.

Brad pulled her hair back into a ponytail.

Who says I'm afraid of them?


You are tired from doing nothing.

We could've done more.

Kimmo is alone in his office.

The streetlight over there is broken.

Arthur is gorgeous, isn't she?

It's cold today!

This winter will probably be very cold.

I'm not jealous of your life at all.

She's right here.

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She is teaching me.

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What are the positives?

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I've known him a long time.

Blayne should have known better than to call Barton after midnight.

I insisted that we change our original plan.

I don't feel sorry for James.

This time, the same as always, I crammed at the last minute.

Even so, kindergartens are sensitive to seasonal events.

The question has to be put in these terms.


I went to talk to her.

We should try to be philosophical about life; wealth gained could also vanish.

Someone's going to hurt Major.


Gregor won't discuss the problem with me.


Saify started a list, so he wouldn't forget anything.

We haven't been paid for three months.

Rapunzel grew into the most beautiful child beneath the sun.

My parents shall be proud of me.

She first met him in Boston.

This news is important to us.

I wish you would make a list of the newly published books.

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Rod and Rabin splashed each other.

Margot promised me he would come to the party.

He is always writing about journey to other planets.


The Japanese eat rice at least once a day.

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I've never heard such a thing.

What's Boyce running from?

In 1847, they declared themselves independent.

I'm joking.

Luckily, Becky wasn't there.

I watch PBS.

I don't understand this gobbledygook.