On his nose grew a small pimple.

I'm having trouble with my left ear again.

I got on the plane.

He knows no fear.

You only see what you know.

I'm quite sure of that.

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Emirates is child friendly.


We need to band together to beat the enemy.

I looked after the rabbits when I was at school.

He stood up for what was right.


The professor grinned.

I can't remember the last time I had a martini.

Have you been fighting with the boy next door again?


This thread is thinner than a human hair.

Dan worked very hard and earned a lot of money.

I got this dress for pretty cheap.

Beads of sweat stood on his forehead.

Tycho's painstakingly collected data was reduced by Kepler to become grist for the mill that ground out Newton's gravitational theory.

He was from Texas or thereabout.

Jef is on duty here tonight.


What aren't you telling us?

Tell me if there's anything I can do to help.

You do such a thing once too often and get punished.


I heard it was pretty exciting.


My younger brother is taller than me.

They can handle it.

If you don't hurry, we're going to be late again.

They played so badly it doesn't even deserve a comment.

Where did I put the hammer?

When are you off?

I'm a little bit jealous.

Did Peter tell Annie what she should do?

I think I figured something out.

I want to warm myself.

These are the gloves Edmond bought me.

It's so unfair.

It has been a long time since I wrote you last.

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Oh, sweet name of freedom!

I wash my face every morning.

Let them come aboard.

I was half asleep when I went home.

Bart had to run.

I cannot leave. It's too early.

Israel can turn her hand to just about anything.


That's good soup.

Many parents think it's important for their children to learn how to speak French.

I've no idea what's causing these problems.

Most women enjoy shopping.

When does your summer vacation start?

The newspapers didn't publish anything.

They fought the measures in the courts.


They yelled.

Whoever shuts up, even though he is right, is married.

I need you to do something for me.


I found a solution.


He told me that he wanted to practice his English with me.

I like going on trips in my car.

As the train was crowded, I kept standing all the way to Kyoto.

He let her go.

They tied their shoelaces.


I can't believe her.

This hat will become her.

There are a couple of options.


You've grown fat.

Who wants it?

When did you come by this bicycle?

Who are you referring to?

I've completely lost my bearings.

Hurry up, or you'll miss your plane.

I'm really busy right now.

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Let's discuss your idea.

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I'll take a vacation this week.

That's no way to speak to your parents!

I don't have that.


Where is Hakata station?


Michiel took a cab.


Her husband has certainly a hundred girlfriends where he lives and works. That explains why he almost never calls.

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I don't have enough money yet.

There's a song I want to sing for you.

Lyndon said it cost too much.

The shop won't be open for clients tomorrow.

Gideon heard a noise and went outside to see what it was.

I think Laurel might actually want someone to kill him.

Oh, really?

He has great enthusiasm for golf.

You are children.

I told Laura what I know.

It won't happen again, I swear.


She is very fond of flowers.

Same sex marriage is now legal in 20 countries worldwide, including Ireland as of yesterday.

This is a great facility.

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Put it someplace where no one will see it.

Thank you, I finally understand.

Elric is quite efficient.

That building can easily be seen from the other side of the room.

He spent the evening reading.

You had better not drink alcohol any more.

The old woman had a narrow escape from being run over by a car.

You should go out and have some fun.

He seems to have been a great athlete.

I think it's him.

June hasn't complained of any discomfort.

I'll sign for it.

Wayne doesn't need to work on Sundays.

I might look at flights again soon after a shower, if I don't fall asleep.

I want to get out of here as soon as possible.


I wanted to be a lawyer.

I'm teaching my cat to relieve itself in the sandbox.

Your daughter's tall.

I always keep a set of fingernail clippers in my guitar case.

Have you told anyone about what Nadeem did?

There is no harm in you sleeping late on Sunday.

Rodent would be terribly disappointed if we didn't go to his party.

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I've already started to do so.

It started raining as soon as we got home.

The festival sold out within two hours.

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How do you know we're not too late?

I know you want to help Yvonne.

Tomorrow, I've got an important mission first thing in the morning. I shouldn't be wasting my time with this.

I can't go back to that house.

I know where you slept last night and with whom.

I'm all right with that.

Louis wondered where Antonio was.


Is anyone listening to me?

The house which Charley built is wonderful.

I'd like some time to talk with Ernie.


Herbert called everybody.


Who did you hear this news from?

I wish I had time to do it.

It was big.


Konstantinos lives near me.

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What movie did you see?

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Did they tell you why you had to do this?

Though it's now January, it's warm like early spring.

I know William will do that.

We were having a quiet supper when out of the blue my mother announced she was going back to school.

They took turns driving the car.

Gary is really ambitious.

We watched the sun sinking below the horizon.

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I designed it.

You're funny.

Edmund did what he could to help.

Izumi asked Margot's father to buy him a ticket.

Lynn was subjected to a full body search.

I'm meeting them in an hour.

I really liked your story.

The extension of the summer vacation delighted the children.

He is not your friend or my friend.


She became, in other words, a good wife.

When her mother came, she pretended to be studying.

The odds were against me.

I think Paul is a nice name.

That's Sunil's home.


I have to change planes in Boston.


Her cousin lives in the U.S.


She called her mother.

Why do we exist?

I'm glad you're glad.


She's too trusting.

He says that if he were there he would be happy.

Because he was unemployed, their wedlock failed.

Kevin and Sandra's friends came from far and wide to attend their wedding.

Does she understand what he's saying?