These computers are different types.

He had the nerve to ask me to marry him.

Half of the town burnt down in the fire.

The shirt must be ironed.

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Clay doesn't have the guts to do that.


I've thought a lot about what you said.

One of my cousins is married to a novelist.

Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice which make philanthropy necessary.

I think he's a competent person.

Do you want my email address?


Fear breeds bigotry.

I didn't hear from her for a week.

You're ten years too young to be driving a Lexus.

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I agree with you, except for the part about the profits.

What else would I do?

I'm going to take Marguerite's place.


"Are you a teacher?" "Yes, I am."

I'm still a kid.

I told you Varda was fast.


Frederic caught the ball and threw it back to Andreas.


We speak the same language, don't we?


I've had enough of trying to deal with other people's problems.

On the same day, Apollo 11 succeeded in landing on the moon's surface.

Prepare your speech in advance.


Delighted to meet you.

Suyog reached out and took Teruyuki's hand in his.

We have to abide by the rules.


Belinda and Roxie are planning on going to a movie together on Friday evening.


The budget was cut to the bone.

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I'm doing the cooking.

Foremost politicians of three nations expressed their grave concern concerning the consequences of military operations in south-eastern Ukraine.

How many cups of coffee do you drink every day?

Money is the last thing on his mind.

Maria is the blonde one.

My computer has crashed.

They love sunsets.

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I'm taking him home.

Should I pick up my ticket now?

He has not acquired a fortune; the fortune has acquired him.

He asked her to marry him, which proposal she refused.

You could go back to Boston if you wanted to.

You can't let Lorraine drive that old truck. Let him drive your new car.

A stranger came up and asked me the way to the hospital.

Mum is busy working.

I just wanted to tell you I still love you.

A sigh fell from her lips.

I grew up in Boston.


Graeme stepped to one side.

Bertrand realized Raphael was getting tired.

Monkeys do not complain about not having been made into men.

Mayo knows what's up.

Suzan opened his window.


She chops wood every day.

Stacy and Alan wanted to fix their marriage.

She says that she wants me to come with her.

She is happy.

This dish goes very well with sake.

We're not family.

Rajendra needs to pay more attention in class.

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We don't go on trips.

Douglas does nothing but watch TV.

The fugitive made a run for the border.

They looked intently.

Murray phoned while you were out.

My father does not care about his clothes at all.

There's no water in the bucket.

They won't be able to find a hotel.

I stayed home to rest.


It's just that easy.

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That is the thing that concerns you.


Felix is a bit naive.

I admit I'm wrong.

I had a strict curfew at my house.


He likes to sing in the bathtub.

I like putting machines together.

I think this is delicious.


What time can you come?

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Lions live on other animals.

I wish you a good trip.

You don't need to worry about that happening.

We got into our sleeping bags, and then Ji told a story about ghosts.

Paula told Lana what he'd seen on TV.

Ramneek ran down the hill.

I want a double for two with bath.


It's dangerous to text while crossing the road.


That patient cannot hold out through the summer.

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Izzy is probably at the gym.

I'm afraid you're wrong.

Raphael is on the other side of the river.


I'm not quite sure what I should tell Clifford.

The plague occurred that year.

Bret left his keys in the car.

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The cat was lying stretched out at full length in the sunlight streaming through the window.

I'll go to Boston to be with family.

I wonder if Andries still likes Tigger.

It's 4:30 in the afternoon.

Wait out here.

I'll see about getting you a doctor.

Heidi didn't know all the facts.


Would you mind telling me who you're waiting for?

If you don't talk louder, he won't be able to hear you.

We'll do that.

I'd like to have this film processed.

A year has passed since she came here.

I think it's time for me to confront that problem.

Boyce and Marlena aren't related.

"It's time to start seeding", he said.

What conditions are attached?


The president will hold a press conference later today.


Skip believes Joon made the right choice.

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I think Leung could be persuaded to help.


That was an experience.

This phenomenon is very easy to explain.

How much longer do you think it'll be until it starts raining?


I think Andre is trustworthy.

Where is the closest Underground station?

I didn't say I persuaded him.

There is nothing left to eat.

Juha doesn't know how to treat his employees properly.


Everyone strives for efficiency but few seem to attain it.

Whatever could it have been?

I had some work that I needed to do.


Do you study Mandarin there?

I've just seen him.

I'd like to build an eco friendly house.

That was just an accident.

My car is the only one that didn't run out of gas.

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Are these books yours or mine?

It's not the end of the world.

Maybe in another universe, beings are like clouds or shadows in a cloudy or shadowy milieu...

My son thinks women are stronger than men.

Jeff was taken aback when she noticed that the photofit of the suspected burglar looked like Anatole.

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Peter sat alone in the room.

Are you sure nothing is gonna happen?

This is so much better!

Would Son do that?

My house faces a busy street.

We took it slow.

Patty finished writing to her friends in Canada.


Lyndon is a man of few wants.

Let me tell you how to do that.

The seeds of evil deeds are evil thoughts.

Do you have any idea how unhealthy that is?

Can I sit on your lap?

He sipped his coffee.

I know you didn't want Caroline going to jail.

I've decided not to do that.

I thought I was making some progress.

He buttoned up his coat before walking out the door.

I have just finished my homework.


The ship sailed down the river.

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My father is absent in Tokyo.

These issues have no effect on us.

They set out on a sightseeing tour.

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Recreativo de Huelva was the first football club founded in Spain.

He has broad views.

We can't prove anything.

The master of thriller has left the scenario forever.

We must've taken the wrong road.