It is important that a lawyer should leave no stone unturned even on minor points and harp on the same subject to achieve a break through in an impasse.


I met him in January.

You can't let them stay here.

I wish Pete would stop yelling at me.

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I slept a lot.

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I learned a lot about modern authors.

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Douglas currently manages a hotel not too far from here.

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If somebody wants to bad-mouth you, you should just let them say whatever they want. It's a waste of time to get bothered by it.


We haven't got a lot of time.

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Who helped him?

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The professor with whom I had lunch is named Peter.

Noam was left behind.

"Please give me some water." "All right."


You can't be busy all the time.

That picture will amuse you.

I might stay.

We're doing this to help them.

I've found something out.

It looks like a fish bone got stuck in my throat.

I don't think Natraj needs a bodyguard.

I don't sing to them.

It's not like we're going to get married or anything.

We'll leave it to him.

Such playfulness is characteristic of Mr Baker.

The registration deadline is coming up.

Keep them from eating too much.

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As all of you probably know, I'm Maria.

He is a trailblazer in this field.

When I started learning languages, it was hard to assimilate new words and keep a pace to study, but now, after having practiced for several years I do my routine unconsciously. You can't really finish learning a language, ever, but you can reach quite a high fluency. In my case, I learn approximately 3 or 4 languages at the same time and I don't get confused. It's all a matter of practice, accustoming and how well you get used to.

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We can get over the problem without difficulty.

Can you remember the first time you swam?

Why do Alberto and Turkeer fight so much?


The lights are on.

Two opinions are better than one.

Rafik caught Laurie's eye.


How do I get to the post office?


Elizabeth shouldn't have to do that.


The Nintendo DS is a popular handheld game console.

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Piercarlo is saving money so he can go to Australia.

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You have so much potential.

I have a lot of ideas.

I had a drink with Sanche the other day.


Why won't Wendell listen to me?


We are all liable to disease.


Juvenile crimes have been increasing recently.

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"Why is my sister stupid?" "I'm not stupid!"

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The tires of this car don't have enough air in them.

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You and I must understand one another, and that without delay.

Federer held at love at 2-2.

I cannot teach for free.


You should join us.


They have announced their engagement.

Now who's going to help you?

Dewey asked for my assistance.

This is the day on which the Constitution's fundamental spirit, the sovereignty of the people, respect for fundamental human rights, and pacifism, are all reaffirmed.

They could not agree how it should be done.

What led you to believe that?

I painted one.

I saw Jun coming.

Most, if not all, parents want their children to be good.


The curtains don't go with the other furnishings.

She respects you.

What is happening to me? Am I losing my personality?

She prefers beer to wine.

He left a window open.

You're loud.

I have to be impartial.

Ken collects old coins.

Do we have to get off the train at the border?

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Terry is going to be a father soon.


Grass doesn't grow faster if you pull it.

He dressed very modestly.

Guess what I found.


I'm taking good care of them.

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Please count your change again.


You worry too much about her.

This job is kind of boring.

The car was going forward.


I am not as big as my brother, but I am bigger than my dad.

Oh, but he did come to Tokyo alone.

The river is deep here.


You think you can toy with me, but I don't play games.


I should have lied, but I told her the truth.


He has given us not a little trouble.


Do you want to invite friends over for your birthday?


How can you say that you have nothing to wear? Your closet is full of clothes.

Don't disturb me.

Oops, my fault. It's 3000 yen, not 3000 euros.

We'll live like kings.

I might as well kill myself as reconcile myself to my fate.

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The alternative possibilities were resistance and flight.


Kathleen is always in a good mood.

I've never even met Charles.

I won't let them in.

Have you heard of him?

Did your husband have many enemies?

As propellant blasts out of the rocket in one direction, it pushes the spacecraft in the other.

How expensive a piano is!


You know what you must do, right?

The Board of Education governs the schools.

I cried on his shoulder.

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You're all alone.

He is not any taller than I am.

My father came home at nine.


Oliver was sweating.

Don't forget to feed the dog.

One "here" is better, we think, than two "you'll have it": one is secure, the other not.

Please don't let anyone know where I am.

I need to talk to you in person.

I have done everything I was supposed to do.

I just don't think like that.

I've just come back from Sweden.

The doctors inquired into the mystery of nature.


I wonder if we can get in.

I can reason with them.

Did she mention the results of the exam?


Toyota Corporation announced that it would cut 1,000 positions this year.

Those mechanics are paid as much as ten thousand yen per hour.

We didn't build it.

Let her go!

As fluently as she speaks French, she may have studied in France.


Donnie packed everything in a small suitcase.


Tanya doesn't think anybody else wants to come.

Did you make it for yourself?

She robbed me blind.

The door will be painted tomorrow.

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This smells very, very good.


Hot weather will continue, so please watch out for food poisoning.

Geoff looks dismayed.

I understand you have a problem and want some help.

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Nathan is too drunk.

The world is dangerous.

Shut up and listen!

He was silent for quite a while.

Helge's parents were murdered.

What you said convinced Ned.

It has been done before.

We did warn Joon.

The horse is mine.

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Ernie gave me his card.

Where did you meet?

You've got to get a hold of yourself.

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What's your opinion on this?

His book is red.

If your rent comes in past the fifth, a late charge will be added.

I'm not quite ready.

I don't want you to make the same mistake I made.