I thought Celeste would be pleased.

Heinz used to work in a bakery.

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Dan showed Linda his butterfly collection.

Moe has been in a car accident.

Rome is worthy of a visit.

Can you imagine Danny doing that?

He cannot walk, let alone run.

I've been subscribing to that magazine for four years.

Gary and Son purchased a small parcel of land on the edge of town, where they plan to grow vegetables.

Don't interrupt me, Tarmi.

I think Jianyun is wrong.

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Are you sure you can't stay here?

That's a joke, right?

If you gave him another chance, he'd do his best.


The prices are high.

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A lady of "a certain age," which means certainly aged.

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How can we be sure of his honesty?

We'll help him, but not now.

The conference called for the major powers to cut their armed forces by a third.


There's no way I'm doing that.

There's no point panicking.

I haven't read the report yet.

She beat the cream for dessert.

Let's ask Tor something else.

How much is this?

I'd like to learn French.

I enjoy classical music.

I had to tell the truth.

I gave an opening address.

Changes in the country are inevitable.

I'm coming with him.

Francisco could've asked me first.


We need additional talented people.


Do you know a good place to have lunch?


You handled the situation well.

I wish this job was over.

Time is changing.

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Have you been spying on me?

The dog attacked the little boy.

I like them all.


Those four words carried not only a lot of complex information, but also the persuasive force of a proverb.

We must not wake a sleeping cat.

We were finally able to settle the matter.

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Do you think I look fat?

I've done what you've asked.

Thanks for making me remember.

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If you were Christina, what would you do?

Rupert accepted the proposal without reservation.

She gave me a lovely watch, but I lost it.

She looked at him with hatred.

Marcia still has a crush on Geoffrey.

Jean said he thought Brett was in Boston.

The governor's speech was published in the magazine.

Haven't they spoken Arabic?

I didn't meet him again after that.

He said that if he were there, he would help her.

Why don't you spend more time with Malaclypse?

I like to imitate Queen Elizabeth.

I care a good deal about what you think.


Even though he apologized, I'm still very mad.


Laws cannot be constant.

What's the official language of Tunisia?

I like to go to the park and watch the children in the playground enjoying themselves.

She had long blond hair.

I've done all this for you.

Do not translate this sentence!

My mother is afraid of lifts.

You're charming.

Maarten asked everyone to take off their shoes.

Would you like me to take you home?

We have enough food now.

Has any conclusion been reached?

Juliet doesn't know I still have this.


It looks like rain. We had better shut the windows.

Throat and nose membranes hurt by dry air allow cold viruses to enter more easily. It is important to carry out sensible counter plans against the cold with heaters and against the dryness with humidifiers.

The only weapons I have in my home are water pistols.

What is the woman saying?

Kelvin is really sharp, isn't he?


Marcos had a heart tattooed on his arm.

It was raining hard when Suyog arrived at Kory's house.

She rides a fixie.

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I had an angina attack.

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The nurse gave me a shot.

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I need to rent a car.

I need to speak to you.

It floored me that Julie was coming for a visit tomorrow.

It's a really old book.

Courtney needs some alone time.

His sister does not go to America.

I wouldn't bank on it if I were you.


Sehyo doesn't know how to express his feelings.

Annie drinks, but he's not drunk this morning.

Jump as high as you can.

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Give me the ball.

I was just about to get started any-how.

What did you get exactly?

He broke his leg skiing.

How many soccer stadiums are there in this country?

Will you tell me how to spell the word?

My apartment was robbed last week.


Bill is on the editorial staff.


You are our one millionth customer.

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Fried spiders are a regional delicacy in Cambodia.

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Russ is a singer.

They hate spiders.

He asked us to be quiet.


Something could've been overlooked.

After skiing, relaxing in a hot spring bath, one can get fully warmed up.

I knew it was a joke.


Lynn's palms were sweaty and his mouth was dry.

I recognized her the moment I saw her.

I should call a doctor.

I'm sorry about yesterday.

The ship left ahead of time.

Every person is expected to bring their own lunch.

The sisters wore matching dresses.


Don't get any stupid ideas.


Joachim should be along any minute.


May I speak with him?


The picture reminds me of my childhood.

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I'm very worried about Eddy.

I see no means of solving this.

Adlai could've been injured.


Here's a new one.

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Graham went out for a breath of fresh air.


Saify went to the store to buy some apples.

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We don't want to create any new problems.

My name is not really Elwood.

Bobby doesn't like the way I speak.

Please come back at 2:30.

I'm twice as busy as I was before.

Leisure has been viewed as a means to an end.

This is an exquisite little painting.


Tell Stephen what you told me.

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List said he didn't know anyone who might want to do that.

I'll be with her.

I found out that the opposing counsel is planning on deposing three expert witnesses.

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I still haven't seen it.

Why are you so upset now?

Mongo probably thought I liked wine.

Helen was a friend of Rayan's.

Please, wash your hands.

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You're not sleeping enough.

Raindrops are hitting the glass.

I'm fairly certain that we're being watched.

You can probably buy one of these cheaper somewhere else.

It's such a nice day. Why don't you take me for a drive?

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I am training a horse for the race.

You'll miss them.

I can't stop. The brakes...


We have captured one of their spies.


Wayne was so sweet. He brought me flowers all the time.

I don't think we should trust Ricky.

We have only one chance.


The sentence is senseless, but correct.