The airline asked some passengers to give up their seats because the plane was overbooked.

Could I have half a kilo of chicken thighs, please?

Have a nice vacation.

Shawn gives us everything we want.

Killing is forbidden; every murderer is punished, unless he has killed accompanied by many men and to the sound of trumpets.

Please don't go.

He was coming to the airport to meet Mr West.

The dog is eating an apple.

Redemption is a big problem in the American culture.

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This statue belongs to her.

I feel lucky to be alive.

Press freedom is advancing.


We would have a wide range of alternatives.

Why doesn't anybody answer?

Where would you like us to put the couch?

I answered with joy.

It's almost time for you to go.

I wish Billie were alive now.

We need exercise.

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I'm convinced Tahsin is lying.


I've been so busy.



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Frogs eat insects.

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Water is liquid.

Make sure it's well lubed.

I'm not looking for a favor.

May I have something to drink?

Why should I learn French?

I'd like to ask Kristin that myself.

I missed the train by only one minute.


You don't know who I am.

They are reading it.

Hui is lazy and spoiled.

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Elisabeth was murdered last night.

You won't get anything by shouting.

You still managed to surprise me.

I respected Siping.

The plan has failed.

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We need exercise.

My books are in Romanian; hers are in English.

Who's the boss now?

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I just want to say how thankful I am for all your help.


They're all talking about his death.

What a fool I am to think that she loves me!

Kyu rented a limo for the prom.


I got something in my eye.


Jennifer waited alone in the hallway.

They claim that prices will go down if production increases.

They were standing still with their eyes wide open.

The small island looked like a tortoise from a distance.

A green field is a beautiful field.

I assure you of my support.

They started using that house as a squat.


I'm glad I didn't do that.

I don't think there should be any problems.

Saiid didn't think it was quite fair.

Just swim.

This technology will drastically lower the cost of solar energy.

'Madame Butterfly' is set in Nagasaki.

Jakob is so predictable.


Mind your head.

What did you do with my baggage?

It was not till this morning that it stopped raining.

Are they sisters?

I am your twin.

Louis thought that was a good idea.

I didn't know about Dori.

It scares me not to see you online the entire day.

Is it OK if I hug you?

Now, don't be late.

Tell me what we're doing here.

This castle overlooks the city.

He stole her watch.

Are you a high school student?

Ulysses Grant was a hero.

Everyone will be satisfied.

Follow the diet of joy.

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Well, you've convinced me.

Rust is gradually eating into the metal parts.

Cecilia told me to come here.


Do you think you can handle a few minutes alone with Toft?

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Please tell him to hurry up.


I admit that I was wrong.


He whispered something to me.

We've done something similar to that in the past.

Gary didn't refer to the accident she had seen.

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Cliff didn't realize that Major was lying.

I carefully took down everything that my teacher said.

As the grotesque parade passed by, everyone came out of their homes, hypnotized.

There's a piece missing from the machine.

Daren regained consciousness.

Win sneezes quite often. He may have hay fever.

The Narita Express will take you directly to Tokyo Station in approximately 90 minutes.


I'll only talk to them.

I want to go together with Emily.

I'm so sad to hear that.

This is the best restaurant I know.

This amulet brings me good luck.


Jacob was so confused.

The queen reigns, but does not rule in England.

A paycheque is like menstruation. It comes once a month but only lasts a week.

It's really hard to turn your back on your way of life.

Vote for us.


I don't think that this shirt suits a red tie.

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Stephan is just not very good at dancing.

Christopher Columbus once started a revolution, and then crushed it.

I've been waiting a long time for this.

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I went to Nikko along with them.


Who is your Chinese teacher?


It's not illegal.


You are at home.


I don't know if we will leave this week or next week.

Norman said he couldn't remember that guy's name.

Rick has come a long way.

I can't be sure, but I think Trey likes Triantaphyllos.

He's picky about suits and ties.


Care to lend a hand?

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I'm going to clock out early today.


Greg owns this place.

Breathing is generally overrated.

We stood looking at the beautiful scenery.

Frederick took his coat off the hanger and put it on.

I'm sorry I lied to you before.

I'm going to have to start lobbing. I can't win with passing shots alone.

We really want to win.


Did the dog bark?

That requires the sanction of the government.

I sweat every day.

I could never imagine a life without you.

I weigh about 60 kilos.


If you had to characterize your wife in three words, which ones would you pick?

She had a thoughtful look on her face.

Why worry about it?


We were all a little hungry.

Micky offered to feed my cat while I was out of town.

Red sky in the morning, shepherd's warning.

He is as talkative as ever.

Engineers are problems solvers.


How do you change that?

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Did you ever call them?


What should we do about it?

The horse is a useful animal.

He lifted his hat politely.

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The picture is on the wall.

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Her wish is to study abroad someday.


Aaron was injured in a traffic accident.


I was relieved that I could make my broken English understood.

You two are very cute together.

Mine is bigger than Marnix's.

Baby owls are cute.

He said he feared his speech had been a failure.


Vicki is getting married on Monday.

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I went to the theater quite early with a view to getting a good seat.