You're not ready and I don't want to wait.


I'll go provided you go with me.

I was amazed to learn I had won.

She doesn't use it.

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He has no more than five English books.

I ran away in a hurry.

The box she found was empty.


I wonder if Pascal is all right.

I brought some dessert.

You little bugger!

Leave your coffee there so it can cool off.

That is just her way.

May I talk to him?

Her anger is understandable.

Never forget to put out the fire.

That everything is good... is good.

What have we got to lose?

Knut cried bitterly.


I was impressed by Jianyun's honesty.


Pablo looks frustrated.


The shop is closed at nine every evening.

Childhood is a stage of life in which people adopt a large proportion of their eating habits.

First of all, it is too expensive.

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The roof of the house let in the rain.


Susan will be arriving an hour late.


Where are they?


You were busy.


He set as his goal, the deposit of three million yen.

I borrow books from the library.

I went to America to study.

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I remember his words.


Don't distract me from studying.

He feigned not to notice the two strangers.

Plastics have taken the place of many conventional materials.

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Dewey bought himself a microscope.

My sister does not think for herself.

The battle robot JA went berserk.

The narration is written in the first person singular, because it is fictionally taken from the man's everyday journal.

Her face turned red with anger.

Is somebody here?

Francis doesn't have to explain anything.


It's Friday! Time to get drunk.


Clara shredded the lettuce.

I don't want to die in jail.

Urs's shoelaces are untied.


As luck would have it, Providence was on my side.


You're getting so big.

Spy will never forget Wayne's kindness.

I went to school with Janice.

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We're finally on the right track.

Has my roommate been decided?

He was never content.

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It may seem obvious to Steve, but it doesn't seem obvious to me.


Look alive.

The dwarves are great smiths.

I'm worried about my weight.

I thought the concert went pretty well.

They built an extension to the office.


Takayuki hit me by mistake.

Janos's hand-eye coordination has never been the same since the accident.

Investment in education is undoubtedly the only effective way to bring a country out of poverty.


Please ask him not to shout.


He's out for a walk.

The translation of the French novel took him more than three months.

Fifthly, I just forgot what the first four things were.

There's no doubt about that.

I feel ill at ease with her.


"I unlocked the safe." "Yeah, right."


I just had a talk with your lawyer.

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That's not the important part.


I made that one.

Have you had problems with anyone lately?

I don't think it's a good decision.


I'm just hanging around.

Jennifer asked Marcos if she would be willing to donate some money.

Don't shoot!

That Italian author is little known in Japan.

I wanted somebody to talk to.

He once possessed much land.

The patient is now safe.


Vicky isn't afraid of experimenting.

The cat is in the house.

I'm very grateful to you.

Are you busy these days?

Malus won't be allowed to do that.

Hmmm, how shall I say this?

We don't have enough information.

Please don't take my mind off the work.

Why were you so slow?


How many employees work at this company?

I can speak Osmani.

Can you use a gun?


Although I didn't like math, I had to study logarithms.

You were so busy then, weren't you?

Jane expects Galen will help her.

Linder will harvest her wheat in July.

Let's delay this decision until tomorrow.

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Tell my father that I've arrived.

Is this translation correct?

You're finished already.

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Get on your horses.

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Just how long are you planning to stay?

All the girls think he's the bomb.

I had my pocket picked in the bus.

I have a question I'd like answered first.

Harmon's wife is pregnant with their second child.


One of the subjects that run all through the movie is the subject of urban romance.

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Has Father come home yet?


"We need to teach him a lesson." "And how are we going to do that?" "I have an idea."

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He compelled me to make a speech.


We're working on our marriage.


I repeated exactly what he had said.

Why don't I understand English?

The house was carried away by the flood.

Magnus was partly to blame.

They also helped unite the country.

She wanted her children back.

"What! You're still with that girl?" and we answer: "What can I do! I LOVE her!"

Kate is being childish.

Clifford also broke his big toe on his right foot.

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I'd like a receipt, please.


This is going to be good for you too.

Luis showed me a picture of Sandeep.

What is the best way to learn a foreign language?

Jerome was great tonight.

SNAFU is an acronym expressing the enlisted man's resigned acceptance of chaos. Situation Normal: All Fucked Up.

All were quiet in the room.

I arrived just in time for the plane.

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Apart from hearing sporadic gunfire, the day was pretty quiet.

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Do you know what time Jayant usually goes to bed?

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The cold winter will soon be over.

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Vince used to be drunk by this time every night.

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We are liable to get a storm before the day is out.

She didn't show up at the party yesterday.

Jason reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet.

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Please come to my house for a while.

"What do you want?" "I just wanted to talk to Penny."

It's one forty-five.


Mitchell told me he was really happy there.


I want you, Ahmed.


I now know why Juri did what he did.

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It's no use playing tough.

Stop yelling, I beg you.

They closed their eyes.

Omar said he thought I was dead.

This will only take a moment.